Fishing with Jim Austin Tournament Tour

Meet Jim Austin

A champion angler, Austin holds the record for the largest bass caught on Lake Oconee, GA, weighing in at nearly 14 pounds. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Jim remembers his first fishing trip like it was yesterday. He was only five years old when he reeled in his first bream—a thrill he will never forget. He’s been smitten with fishing ever since.
      Growing up in the segregated South during the 1950s and ’60s, Austin, like other African Americans in the region, was restricted for the most part to fishing in small creeks and ponds. Undaunted by these challenges, Austin broke through the ranks to enter national fishing tournaments as a young adult. He was the first African American to successfully compete in the Red Man Tournament, where he captured 5th Place in the Bulldog Division.
      Still making history, Austin is the first African American to host a television fishing series. It’s taken many years for Austin to realize his dream of having his own show. “I needed to find a way to make fishing a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone,” said Austin. “I also know first hand how hard it can be to get a shot at competing in this sport. Having tournaments featured on ‘Angler’s Paradise’ is really a plus.”
      “It’s important that our viewers know that fishing is a fun, leisure activity, and it can become a career as well. It’s a very lucrative sport at the professional level. On a part-time basis, an angler has a chance to earn anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 each year.”
      In addition to being the host of “Angler’s Paradise,” Austin owns and operates several small businesses in Atlanta. He also spends as much quality time as he can with his young grandchildren.
      “My plan is to take my grandchildren fishing as often as possible because it’s important to start them out when they’re young.”
      “Plant those seeds early and you might raise a full-fledged professional angler.”

Jim Austin
CEO & Founder