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Member Deals & Discounts 2010

Take advantage of these special discount offers and promotional programs from our sponsors, and remember to support our sponsors whenever possible.

Secret Weapon Gold Rewards Program


Registration Premium — Each angler who registers for the 2010 season of Fishing w/Jim Austin  Tournament receives a Secret Weapon Lure Gift Certificate for worth $15.00 (Fifteen Dollars)


1.      DISCOUNTS — FwJA members receive a discount code that takes 25% off purchases of SWL tackle from the SWL online store. (Discount Code SWJD92)


2.      MONTHLY PRIZES — FwJA Members who win Fishing w/Jim Austin Tournaments receive a $20 Secret Weapon Gift Certificate on top of their regular winnings.


3.      BIG FISH AWARD —$60 Master Pack is awarded to the FwJA member who catches the Big Fish (heaviest black bass) for the entire year, to be awarded at the year-end banquet.


4.      DEALER REFERRAL BONUS — What’s your favorite tackle shop back home or on the road? After years of handing them your money, turn about is fair play. Take your Secret Weapons into the dealer, urge him to stock Secret Weapon Lures, and pass your referral to Dan Bojo. When the dealer you referred places a stocking order, the Gold Rewards member receives a cash bonus equivalent to 5% of the order. Another 5% goes to the FWJA Tour.


 Contact Dan Bojo (Phone 205-333-5448, E-mail: to join:




                                                          MIKE MARSHALL

                                                                                   KEVEN KEESE WITH GOLD CLUB CHECK FROM SWL

                                           THERON HOUSTON BIG FISH 2008 AWARD KIT FROM SWL WIEGHT 7.16LBS


A random drawing of all SWL Gold Rewards Program participants was done at year-end, and $100 was awarded to Lee Bridwell of Tennessee. That should help put some gas in your tank for 2007 tournaments!

Bino Patterson of Greenwood, SC took 1st place in the May 2006 SABBA tournament. On top of his tournament winnings, he received a 9/16-ounce Buzzrbait Master Pack, compliments of Secret Weapon Lures. Way to go, Bino!

                KimbroughDeAndrae Kimbrough of Tuscaloosa AL, the 2006 Tournament Year’s Big Bass Winner with a 5.97-pound largemouth, is shown here with his Secret Weapon Special Ops kit. Congratulations, DeAndrae!



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