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Keep Your Lure in the Strike Zone!

The strike zone is the area where bass will strike your lure. Some days the strike zone is measured in yards. Many days the strike zone is only a few inches in front of the bass’s nose. Here are some ideas that will help you get more strikes.

  1. A lure that passes two feet from a stump may not get hit but a lure that hits the stump may get a strike. Hit the cover with an accurate cast.
  2. When your lure hits the stump, stop it and let it fall. Shake it or twitch it right at the cover. Give the lure action while not moving it away from the cover.
  3. The strike zone may be at a certain depth range. Cast at an angle in front of the boat so your lure stays at that depth longer. If you cast directly at a bank, your lure passes that depth too quickly. Cast at an angle to the bank.
  4. The strike zone may be only the shady side of the stump. Slow your lure there. Some days the strike zone is at or just above the fish’s depth. A bottom bouncing lure just does not work. Use a lure that runs at or just above the fish’s depth. If bass are feeding on shad, they often only seem to look up.
  5. Flip or pitch your lure within inches of the cover and then just shake it without moving it away. Check for current, even wind current. Bass will orient into the current and only look one way. Work your lure with the current or wind.

Catching No Bass, Why?

Why is the bass fishing no good today? Are the bass there but not biting? Have the bass moved? Why? Have you tried different techniques and different lures? If not, change your technique. If you have, maybe they bass fishing will be better somewhere else. What could have caused the bass to move?
      Secret Weapon Lures
                Mini-kitThink of the conditions such as water temperature changes, water level changes, water clarity changes, time of year, bait fish location, available cover or light conditions. What has changed and where would that change have moved the bass? Is there better cover now available to the fish? Where on your lake would offer a better combination of conditions? Bass fishing is like any other sport. It is mostly mental. If you are catching no bass, there are only two reasons. Either the bass are completely passive or they are gone. Try something different. Make a big change, not a little change.


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