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From: Maliek 
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 6:13 PM
Subject: F4R Outdoors and FLW working together

On the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday I received an email from FLW
and the BFL Bulldog division, They want to partner with Fishing4Reel Outdoors at
Lake Lanier, They want to make it a stage for our anglers to be seen and
recognized.  We will blast off first and the BFL will follow, we will come in and
the BFL will come in 30 mins later to allow us time to weigh in our fish. We will
use their stage and their equipment to host our event. This is what the I have a
dream speech was about that one day we would all be able to work together for the
common good. This will be our chance as an organization to spotlight our anglers and
show the professional anglers and organization that we truly are!
The City of Gainesville will be having a downtown celebration for us Friday from
4pm- 7pm Some of our anglers will be doing the school system fishing tour that
Friday just like last year!... The whole community will be there Saturday to
celebrate and share in our moment of glory. This will be a history making event that
is being recorded, FLW and BFL join F4R Outdoors on Lake Lanier.... GOD IS GOOD.    
Please watch for the emails to follow and Be fully dressed in your fishing gear Get
your membership and entries in early I have to have my anglers list ready for the
event!...   Its Show time!!!!! Your sponsors should love this publicity!
Here is the Host hotel and information Reserve NOW!!!  Friday meet is a Mandatory
Location TBA This  Friday!!!!  We have set the stage and after 2 months of
discussion F4R Outdoors and BFL will work together at Lake Lanier to bring
visibility to our anglers!!!
PS Denali just wrote an article about Mr. Maliek.....we are not invisible!!!!! 
Please read!!!!  The Picture was from our Florida division Jan 14 2012... we had 275
youth come see us!!!   Read This!!!
Hotel and Ramp info   Hotel  Doubles – 49.99
call now

766 Jesse Jewell Parkway
Gainesville, GA 30501 
 (770) 287-3205
Ramp will be   Laurel Park




--- On Wed, 8/11/10, 180INC <180INC@CAROLINA.RR.COM> wrote:

Subject: 2011 Tournament schedule $5000 at the end of the rainbow!!!
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 1:57 PM

Good Afternoon
We at Fishing4reel Outdoors say Welcome!  
Fishing4Reel Outdoors is pleased to announce that we have entered into a Cooperative Agreement with Fishing with Jim Austin for the 2011-fishing season.  This cooperative agreement was instituted with the weekend angler’s best interest in mind. It's is F4R's intention to create unity amongst organizations and facilitate the necessary relationships to further Fishing4Reel's mission of creating a strong African American and minority focused network in the bass fishing industry. As part of this cooperative agreement.... Fishing with Jim Austin and F4R will cooperatively align yearly schedules to alternate the fishing season.
Why should you fish one of the two or maybe both????? How about $5000 guaranteed first place and paying 1 place per 5 entries.
All those who fished the Conclave will have a free 1year membership that starts January and recurs every January. We have the ability to Receive membership and entry fees by calling the office, we have signed up to use First Data Card processing online. Attached you will find the F4R 2011 qualifiers.
Any question please call Mr. Maliek

--- On Sat, 8/14/10, 180INC <180INC@CAROLINA.RR.COM> wrote:

Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010, 9:10 AM

Good Morning
I want to make sure the right people to my knowledge have this agreement.  Our goal is to network with bass clubs, individuals and Fishing with Jim Austin  to clearly state but not be limited to the following and the  importance of what we want to do for the ANGLER and promotion of bass fishing.
  1. The Bass club will receive name inclusion in all advertising, promotional and marketing materials leading up to the end of the year classics.
  2. The Bass club has its anglers best interest at hand by allowing an angler who works hard at his craft to step up to a berth where he has the chance to fish at a higher platform that will be aired on the internet and receive the marketing needed to obtain sponsorships.
  3.  Classic winner will receive the following guaranteed
  • $5000 purse
  • Classic championship ring
  • Featured write up and social media blast
  • Marketing contract with F4ROutdoors
  • Keynote speaker at trade shows FOR 2012
  • All entry fees for the 2012 classic waived ( based on Qualifying in 2012 season)
See if this is something you can take to your next club meeting! REMEMBER BEING THE BEST IS NOT EASY; IF IT WAS EVERYONE WOULD BE THE BEST.

Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 8:38 PM

Good evening everyone
Today my mother, son, daughter and I went to support Rod Benders 5th annual youth derby and it was awesome!  If I could some it all up I would use these words..." to hold up a 9lb lunker is awesome but to lift up a Childs spirit is priceless"  We always say we are doing things for the youth, but to really put your rods down and allow yourself to be a servant and teach a child to fish, is training them on the way they should go!...
God Bless The Rod benders of Atlanta GA !!!! Thank you for inviting Mr Maliek and his family!
Here are some Pics attached.




Good Evening everyone

Here are the Results of Saturdays Conclave, The youth of Hartwell really want to thank you for allowing them to be part of your lives.
Congratulations Mike And Sarah Brehm For A great Job!! And Jim austin and NONO for Big fish!
Their will be a Formal Statement and Newsletter along with a survey emailed to you and Mailed directly to the Participating teams
 Mr. Maliek would like to thank everyone for their support and participation and look forward to planning tournaments in the future.

Bass Fishing Family Conclave Results

Lake Hartwell



Place Name   Total weight            Dead fish Lunker Total fish
1 Brehm/ Brehm 13.49 0 3.49 5
2 Irby/Geer 10.85 0 2.39 5
3 ET./Gary 9.67 0 2.63 5
4 Trip /Roberts 7.5 0 2.68 5
5 Perry/ Littles 6.26 0 1.78 5
6 Harris/Buchanan 5.36 0 1.76 3
7 Adams/York 4.72 0 1.71 3
8 Hill/Jones 4.43 1 3.18 2
9 Phillips/Clayton 4.37 0 2.34 3
10 Foster/Perry 4.08 2 1.67 3
11 Patterson/Thomas 4.06 0 1.72 3
12 Mr.Maliek/ Russ 3.78 0 1.6 3
13 Big Fish Austin/Nono 3.54 0 3.54 1
14 Mobley/Wilson 2.69 0 1.47 2
15 Smith/Holden 2.68 0 1.86 2
16 Champion/Barnes 2.26 0 1.41 2
17 Stafford / Hillie 2.14 0 1.26 2
18 Johnson/ Hill 0.78 0 0.78 1
Totals 25 Teams 92.66Lbs Caught 3 Dead Fish   55 Fish Caught



Sent: Mon, May 31, 2010 11:33:52 AM
Subject: Working together!


Good Morning

I Want to start by saying congratulations to Bino Patterson for being the best of the best and taking first place at S.A.B.B.A mega bucks lake Murray.
As I look at the industry and notice the two heavy hitters FLW and BASS  This weekend I saw what we use to be and have the potential to be! We can become the future two heavy hitters F4ROUTDOORS AND S.A.B.B.A  We have to sit down with club presidents as business men and make sure we don't plan events to conflict with each other and traditions. We must work together on affordable tournaments, locations and marketing. We must encourage and support the use of email and the internet their  seems to be a communication breakdown between generations. The future holds social networking as a tool.
I'm excited about this weekend  the first annual BASS FISHING FAMILY CONCLAVE HARTWELL GA  JUNE 5TH launching out of Hart state safe light.  Check your email this week for updates and spread the word. I will call every one Tuesday night.
Press releases go out Tuesday morning.
God Bless and have a great day.
Mr Maliek





Hello everyone! This is a reminder about the 15th Annual Lake Seminole Lions Club Shellcracker Festival to take place this Saturday, April 25, 2009 at Spring Creek Park Resort (aka Big Jim's) 7863 Reynolds Landing Rd. on Lake Seminole.
The fishing tournament starts at 7am with weigh-in at 2:30 $250 top prize, 4 places paid assorted cash amounts and Big Fish winner will receive $100. Arts, crafts and food vendors will be open at 10am as well as kids games, rock wall, inflatables, pony ride, even a mechanical bull. There will be great raffle items and door prizes, including $100 Wallmart Gift card, $100, $50 and $25 Gift cards from assorted grocers and many great gift certificates and gift items.
At 11am live entertainment will begin featuring Seth & Willie Fred, Kasey Gale, Amber Hawkins, Skylar Lee, Heather Ireland, Spring Creek Baptist Church Praise Band, Morgan Cross and Sharon Hernandez.
After the weigh-in and winners we will run the first ever Charity Duck Race and the winning duck sponsor will receive $500 cash prize. Sponsor your duck at the festival or from any Lake Seminole Lion or LEO. Ducks may also be sponsored from any Big Jim's or "R" Country Cafe employee and you need not be present to win. All the proceeds from the day's event will benefit Lake Seminole Lions Projects in this community.
Big Jim's will also feature Heather Ireland & Ronnie Acery performing on Friday evening and Kasey Gale on Saturday evening.
Come out and enjoy all that Lake Seminole has to offer! It's sure to be a great time for all!!
Reed Rognstad


Feb 16: Randy Howell & Secret Weapon Lures


Feb 10: 

 List your best 2 tournaments from FWJA tournaments plus the classic (must fish classic to be team of the year)



Plocek's Secret Weapon Secures BASS Victory on Oneida

Posted by Joe Haubenreich on Wed, Aug 13, 2008 @ 07:13 PM

August 9 Syracuse, NY -- Congratulations to Secret Weapon Prostaff Ron
Plocek, one of two anglers to share first place at the August 2008
Champion's Choice Tournament. Ron gives a lot of credit to Secret Weapon
spinnerbaits for his win. Here's how it happened....

After a strong first day and a decent bag the second, Ron Plocek brought
just two bass to the scales on the third day of the BASS Elite tournament on
Lake Oneida last weekend. He didn't think 5-10 was enough for him to have a
shot of remaining first place. But as he sat in the hot seat before the
crowd and angler after angler walked up and weighed in, no one brought in a
bag that would knock him out of the lead. To his surprise, he was still
there after the last angler left the stage!

Day One found Ron sitting atop the co-angler leader board with 10-13 and a
4-5 largemouth that took big fish honors for the day.

On Day Two he struggled and dropped a few places, but victory was still well
within reach.

However, by 2:15 PM on Day Three, with no fish in the livewell, Ron was
sweating it. His boater, BASS Pro Richard Scherer, was having an equally
difficult day. Fish were not active after two days of extremely stormy
weather, nor were they hitting slow-moving bottom baits. With the clock
ticking down, Ron needed a miracle!

The two anglers were over a grassy flat on Oneida Lake. This is normally a
productive pattern, but they were finding no takers. Retrieving his Secret
Weapon spinnerbait just across the top of the grass, Ron let it drop into a
hole in the vegetation, and as he slow-rolled it back up a 3-pound
smallmouth bass smashed the lure. Into the livewell it went, and his next
cast with a Zoom Speed Craw produced a 2-pound smallmouth from the same

Those two fish turned out to be just enough to secure first place for the
Liverpool, NY co-angler.

Ron considers himself a "power fisherman" but not a "speed
fisherman." He
prefers heavy baits and heavy lines, but when it comes to spinnerbaits, Ron
says he get more hits when retrieving as slowly as he possibly can.

"All the time I see people throwing spinnerbaits, and they seem to have
one mode of retrieve -- steady, just under the surface. They don't take
account the reel ratio or other factors that affect the speed of retrieve.
Keeping a spinnerbait too high in the water column causes them to miss a lot
of fish. I keep my bait near the bottom or ticking the tops of the grass. I
often hang up, but many times when I rip my bait from the grass I'll get
hit. This technique has been very successful for me."

Ron's spinnerbait of choice is the Secret Weapon Quickstrike. "Their
vibration... your feel when using them is incredible. I love 'em. The
Buzzrbaits are great, too; I've had lots of success with them."

Does the brand of spinnerbait make any difference?

"You can't fish and do well without having a great spinnerbait. Most
spinnerbaits out on the market don't run right out of the package. Catch a
fish and get it out of tune, or if you pick up a little weed on it, and it
won't run worth a darn. I never have the problem with Secret Weapons,"
declares Ron.

In the end, Ron shared his first place finish with Jesse Herbert, another
New York angler who matched his total weight of 23-07. The two men shared
first and second place prize money. In addition, Ron received $500 for the
tournament's biggest bass at 04-05.

In all trails but the co angler trail, a tie would be settled by declaring
the winner who had either the biggest bag or biggest fish. Ron had both
thanks to Secret Weapon spinnerbaits.

Read more:
Epic final round caps co-angler series run (ESPN)
Rojas Leads Elite Series Bass Fishing Event on Oneida Lake

**** Be cautious when using E10 (ethanol/alcohol blend fuels) in marine and boat engines...
-- for more information visit:
**** Ethanol Exemption Becomes Law in Oregon
-- for more information visit:
**** Additive to help with ethanol problem
-- for more information visit:


September 2, 2007: S.A.B.B.A/Fishing With Jim Austin hosts Quad-State Super Tournament.  For article from the Shreveport Times, click here!

Bino Patterson of Greenwood, SC took 1st place in the May 2006 SABBA tournament. On top of his tournament winnings, he received a 9/16-ounce Buzzrbait Master Pack, compliments of Secret Weapon Lures. Way to go, Bino!

                KimbroughDeAndrae Kimbrough of Tuscaloosa AL, the 2006 Tournament Year’s Big Bass Winner with a 5.97-pound largemouth, is shown here with his Secret Weapon Special Ops kit. Congratulations, DeAndrae!

A random drawing of all SWL Gold Rewards Program participants was done at year-end, and $100 was awarded to Lee Bridwell of Tennessee. That should help put some gas in your tank for 2007 tournaments!



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